A Blast From the Past!
The year is 1887; the days when families went
to the butcher and personally selected the
meats they would need for the week.  The
butcher knew his patrons and would be sure
to stock the meats needed for each family.      
Today, Haines Pork Shop continues that
tradition, still offering the same kind of
service in Mickleton.  Customers can watch
our sausage being ground, seasoned, stuffed
and linked by hand in our shop.

Customers call and place their orders for a
fresh seasoned pork roast to be picked-up
later or just stop in to purchase some smoked
chops for tonight's dinner.
  • Our fresh pork is preservative and
    hormone free
  • Family run
  • We've been serving the public
    since the late 1800's

Did You Know?

Today's pork is leaner than ever!
Pork tenderloin--1.82g sat fat  
                                 2.98g total fat  Skinless
Chicken breast--.88g sat fat
                               3.03g total fat
Haines Pork Shop
521 Kings Hwy
Mickleton, NJ 08056